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Executive Search and Selection

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Let us take care of your hiring needs.

Executive Search or Headhunting is critical for today’s business. As a headhunter we have an extensive network which enables us to identify the people that make the difference, the people you are looking for.

The most successful candidates are typically not actively looking for a job opportunity, but the majority of the people that we contact are pleased to hear from a headhunter and become part of our network. Jobs 4 Everyone has an actively managed of highly successful individuals in their field.

Our successful network brings in additional referrals, and makes our network continuously larger and stronger.Because of our experience in interviewing and keeping track records of our candidates it’s easier for us to determine if a candidate is seriously looking for another job.

Our consultants are experts in their designated field. Eighty percent of the time, the consultant or headhunter is doing networking activities and getting to know hundreds of qualified employees. Activities which you normally don’t have time for.

Our Method

1: Filling out the Job Requirement Form

The Job Requirement Form contains more detailed information about the job opening. Our designated consultant works on the Job Requirement Form during a meeting or phone call with the Hiring Company. In case there is no job description, this form will be used for input.

2: Arrange optional meeting

We arrange a (optional) meeting between the Hiring Company and our consultant to make sure the company culture is well understood. A thorough understanding of your company and the people you are looking for is essential for a successful presentation of candidates.

3: Searching and approaching Candidates

After obtaining all the necessary information we will commence the search process. We have various methods of searching. A search starts with consulting our extensive database and our extensive networks. To contact potential candidates we use direct approaches, cold calling techniques, personal contacts and related business events. The candidate often needs to be made aware of the new opportunity as most employees are not actively searching for another job.

 4: Short listing and Interview

Selected candidates will be short listed and checked with the Hiring Company before conducting the interview with us. After passing the shortlist-check the candidate will be scheduled for an interview at our office or, when discretion is advised, in a public venue such as a hotel or restaurant. In most cases the interviews will be conducted by two of our consultants where both consultants alternate the interviewer and the observer role. Interviews will always be held in the English language.

5: Assessment

Nowadays it is more common for the candidate to be assessed on their abilities. See our assessment page for detailed information on this subject.

6: Presentation and Interview Report

Once the interviews have been conducted, the strongest candidates will be presented along with an interview report of the candidate. The interview report will contain information such as relevant working experience, suitability with the company culture, attitude, skills, motivation, personality, current salary, salary expectation and test results (optional).

7: Interview with Client

We will set up the interview(s) between our candidates and the Hiring Company. The interview will usually be held at the Hiring Company or a venue of their choice and can be attended by one of our consultants on request.

8: Negotiation and Finalization

In case the candidate is the right fit for your company, you can initiate the negotiations or ask us to do them for you.






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